Thursday, March 27, 2014

Love and help through family and friends

In honor of throwback Thursday today's post is to honor and remember all the family and friends that has helped with Callie and touched her heart.

Whenever I had a friend over they were always willing to hangout with Callie too. They treated her like a normal girl and we all shared secrets with each other. ;) I was lucky to have friends and family that helped with the "Callie chores"... Like getting her dressed, giving her a bath, giving her her medicine, putting her in her wheel chair, feeding her, brushing her teeth, changing her sheets, and much more. 

It's so touching to me that God put these people in our lives to help with her and to show her love. We will always be grateful for them in our lives. 

Callie chillin' with brandy & her chillens at trunk-or-treat

My handsom husband and I carrying her to get her cast removed.
Callie and I in the pool :)
My cousin kelly and I hanging out with Callie :) in our jammies
One of our dear friends,Julie, who ALWAYS helped with calliegator :)
Hope you enjoyed today's tribute


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