Friday, February 13, 2015

Just another childbirth story...

I'm The Most women love a good birth story. I read many while trying to "prepare" myself for Alyssa's big debut. God laughed. He sent me a curve ball. I'm like "if you want me to have more chillens, why did I have a miserable first birth?". There is NO preparing! Every story is different... Too many factors. The unknown just about killed me.

Now if you don't want to read a birth story ***STOP READING***
The point of this post is to tell my story and let you know that you WILL want kids again! My baby is 6 months and I'd have another right now if I could!

First things first, my due date was August 25th, 2014. 

6 A.M. August 10th- I felt a trickle. I couldn't sleep after that because I was so dagum uncomfortable... And a little worried that my water was leaking. Now call me crazy but I went to work! Now now I know I shouldn't have carried the food trays and glass racks but it's was my JOB and I do my job! Plus we were man down so I was opening the resturant by myself. I was not going to leave my manager with no opener. Plus I wasn't sure it was even time (first child). So I wait a couple tables and call my doctor and he said I'm crazy and to go to the hospital.

Around noon I get to my house and I'm waiting for my husband. He was picking up a group of youth from a church function like an hour away so I packed my bags... Kinda.
I still wasn't convinced this baby was coming. ( I was only 37 weeks)
I kick myself for not packing my Dōterra Essential Oils! Next time I'm bringing them no matter what!

Shawn gets home and we head to Winnie Palmer (awesome hospital). Sure enough im leaking amniotic fluid! 

Around 9 or 10 P.M. They put a pill by my cervix to try to get my body to start dialating. I was only 1-2 centimeters and 50% effaced. (Aka nothing)
Around 11pm I started having hard contractions about 4 minutes apart. They kept me up crying ALL night! I was mostly crying due to lack of sleep. Remember I hadn't slept since 6 A.M..
8 A.M. (August 11th)- They started me on Pitocin and I met the most amazing nurse at Winnie Palmer! Her name was Janell (can't remember the spelling I was a little busy) I had made NO progress over night! I cried and contracted for nothing!

Pitocin kicked my butt! The contractions were so bad! The Lightning crotch was even worse! I walked and walked around that floor, bounced on the dagum ball, and couldn't sleep at all!

Sittin in that hospital bed with Jen qui qui, mom, and my loving husband with me was my only comfort. I was grouchy because I couldn't sleep and so I watched Shark Week with them and said "owie" often. Then I felt two distinct popping feelings in my belly! I immediately crossed my legs and said I needed to go to the bathroom! Lol! No way I was going to the bathroom! My water had broken completely!

At about 4 cm dilated they gave me something that was supposed to make me feel better. Not sure what being drunk feels like but it's what I imagined it would feel like. It was to help me sleep (and I did for an hour). It made me so sick!!! 

At 5 cm I got an epidural. This was supposed to be so I could rest. It didn't work. My back labor could kill someone! You know how in Beauty and the Beast the villagers were trying to knock down the door with a tree trunk? Yeah. That in my lower back. 
Now the epidural helped me later though.
 My nurse (not janell. Her shift ended. So sad.) had to move me often because the baby kept losing oxygen. So scary and frustrating! Moving a beached whale is hard! And they are so rough and yank me! 
At 8 cm my body wanted to push and I told them so. You know what they said!? "Don't push, but don't hold it either". What in the heck does that mean!?

Thank goodness I went from 8-10 cm pretty quickly because I was ready to kill someone!

It was now time to bring my little angel into the world! I had to wear an oxygen mask the whole 30 minutes of pushing= dry throat and me crying "I can't push I need water". Lmbo!

So everything seems to be going fine. I'm pushing and Shawn was offered to cut the umbilical cord (if everything goes well). My little sister and mom are seeing more of me than they care to and I'm trying to forget that the Sahara is in my mouth and push.

Dr. Pushy (he's extremely pushy. Hence the nickname) is telling me good job and such and how to push. My mom is giving me a play by play and I tell her to shut up. (Forgive me for what I said while pushing out an 8+ pound baby)
The head was out when all heck broke loose! My husband was shoved out of the way, and the mean head nurse (Carmen) jumped in my bed and shoved on my belly so hard while Dr. Pushy snipped me (yuck). I was completely confused! All I heard was "she's stuck! She's stuck!".

They checked her for broken bones (since they had to shove her out) and the usual stuff. She was a whopping 8lbs 2oz and 20 & 1/2 inches. She was born at 11:09 P.M. After 24+ hours of hard contractions I couldn't believe she was finally here!
They let me hold her for a minute but because of the complications they took her away for 4 hours. It was so sad. I cried. 

Let me just say she was worth the 3rd degree episiodomy and the pain that lasted 4+ months later. I could hardly sit for weeks! She was worth my I.V. That didn't get clamped right and it looked like someone was murdered in my hospital room.
The pain becomes a distant memory. All you know is that seeing that baby makes you the happiest person in the world. 
When they wheeled her in and I actually got to really hold her at 3 A.M. I was on cloud nine.
She is so precious and is turning out to be a lot like her wonderful aunt she's named after!
Fingers crossed my next childbirth experience isn't as traumatizing as this one was for me!

What a blessing it is to be trusted enough to care for these spirits on earth :)