Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY Cute Quote in a frame

So our little sister's birthday is today! Callie and I needed to brainstorm a cute, cheap, and meaningful gift to make for Jenny. I LOVE repurposing Goodwill items (especially frames), and we stalked her Pinterest to try to find some inspiration.

So this is what we came up with...

First we started with a goodwill picture frame.
Jenny's walls are white so I decided a black frame would be better. I removed the back with the hubby's pliers. (Remember to put them back tehe)
Then get out your handy dandy spray paint, take your little butt outside, and spray that puppy black!
Now I couldn't remember how I glued glass to the frame last time, so I had to do some trial and error. Hot glue dried too fast, so I used super glue... I don't think that's what I used last time.  But I'll have to try some other things because it got on the glass a little and annoyed me.

Next, I used my Cricut to cut out what I wanted the glass to say. I cut on paper first to measure, then made cuts on the vinyl. Once I learn the art of transfer paper these projects will be easier, but for now it's one letter at a time. But all in all it turned out pretty good.
Hoped you like! Callie & I love it! Best of all Jenny LOVES it too!!!

Happy crafting!

Monday, April 14, 2014

A smile warms the soul

Growing up with a sister with Cerebral Palsy you learn a thing or two about not caring what other people think. People stare, point, ask questions and it doesn't even phase us. We never get offended and often explain to children who are staring what is wrong with Callie.

Exposing children to people with disabilities is a blessing to them and the person with the disability. It teaches them that people are different and they don't need to feel awkward around people who have a disability. In turn it helps the individual with the disability to feel loved and included.

I know that it has blessed me in my life. It is second nature for me to interact with other children/adults like Callie. I LOVE them and their sweet spirits. 

I know that it has also blessed the youth group of our church. They often came up with activities that Callie could participate in. They were always helping with her so she could be involved. The youth offered to push her and talked to her like anyone else. I could see the difference she made in their lives. 

I know these individuals were sent here with a purpose. To inspire. To touch the lives of everyone they meet. It is a rare occasion when Callie can't get someone to smile. 

Next time you pass by someone with a disability I challenge you to just give them a smile. Nothing warms the soul quicker than a smile :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Focusing on our blessings instead of our trials

This has been on my mind a TON lately! Maybe it's because my husband and I have been going through a tidal wave of trials this year.

When life just seems like EVERYTHING is going wrong it's Satan. He's clouding your vision and all you can see is the trials and you forget about all your blessings. It's your choice to get down in the dumps when every dagum thing is going wrong. Stop it. It's not healthy and it's not making anything better. 

Well my little sister and I flew out to Utah to visit family for two weeks and I have had more time to focus on my blessings and I feel amazing! I am a million times happier. One small set back of this trip is that I had to leave my husband and my Calligator. :( when I called my mom, Callie wanted to say "hi" and she instantly started crying which got me crying... She misses me and I miss her.

Now I must tell you how Callie taught me to focus on the good and be happy. (She seriously teaches me so much). Well if I was stuck in a wheel chair and continually watched everyone else do everything, I think I'd be grumpy to say the least. Well any of my readers who know Callie can count on one hand the times they've seen her grumpy and feeling sorry for herself. She is the happiest person I know. She is always laughing, tripping people, smiling, sticking her tongue out at people, and blessing everyone around her with her sweet positive spirit.

What a blessing it is to have an example like her in my life. I am honored for my children to grow up with such an inspiring aunt. She is so generous and will greet anyone with a smile. She taught me how to serve her any way I could, which brings me to a story. (I LOVE stories!)

When Callie and I were really little and celebrating our birthday (we are identical twins she just has cerebral palsy) we were eating cake with frosting.. Of course! Well some of that frosting had escaped the dark hole, which was Callie's mouth, and had slid towards her chin. Now I'm really little like between 1-3 I'm guessing (stories get told and I can't remember every detail) and I walk over and scrape that frosting off her chin with my finger. Everyone is lookin' at me waiting to see what I do (they were all thinking I was gonna eat it)... But no. I put that frosting back in her mouth! What kind of toddler does that!? ****update**** it was our first birthday!

I know that we can all learn from these angels that are among us. I know Heavenly Father uses others to bless us. We all have trials but when we focus on the blessings our trials seem less. 

"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed not just endured."
-Gordon B. Hinckley