Monday, April 14, 2014

A smile warms the soul

Growing up with a sister with Cerebral Palsy you learn a thing or two about not caring what other people think. People stare, point, ask questions and it doesn't even phase us. We never get offended and often explain to children who are staring what is wrong with Callie.

Exposing children to people with disabilities is a blessing to them and the person with the disability. It teaches them that people are different and they don't need to feel awkward around people who have a disability. In turn it helps the individual with the disability to feel loved and included.

I know that it has blessed me in my life. It is second nature for me to interact with other children/adults like Callie. I LOVE them and their sweet spirits. 

I know that it has also blessed the youth group of our church. They often came up with activities that Callie could participate in. They were always helping with her so she could be involved. The youth offered to push her and talked to her like anyone else. I could see the difference she made in their lives. 

I know these individuals were sent here with a purpose. To inspire. To touch the lives of everyone they meet. It is a rare occasion when Callie can't get someone to smile. 

Next time you pass by someone with a disability I challenge you to just give them a smile. Nothing warms the soul quicker than a smile :)

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  1. how can you not smile at the sweet spirit within