Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I'm starting to believe my husband..

God has blessed me with a loving and patient husband! The poor thing has had to deal with my depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. He has been working on helping me undo year upon years of negative self talk and some nasty remarks from other people. My favorite being "you'd be a 10 if your thighs didn't jiggle". That has been burned into my brain since I was 17... You want to see what I looked like when that was said???

Yep that's me! Probably the smallest I've ever been! I was running cross country and played softball. I had thighs of steel. It's called relaxed muscle, doofus! 

I had a low self-esteem already so I believed him. Back then I was a doofus too. 

Fast forward. I started dating my primary sweetheart and he was so kind. I didn't know what hit me! I gained weight and he loved me... I lost weight and he loved me. He thinks I'm beautiful ALL the time!

Every woman deserves a man like that! (Sorry they're so few and far between it seems) The world is full of shallow people obsessed with Hollywood's idea of beauty. Everyone has beauty!

I am truly blessed to have my dad and my husband who always call me beautiful. It's funny after all these years I think I'm finally starting to believe it...

Have a beautiful day!
Xoxo Cassie