Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Chalk Paint Pie safe/ China cabinet makeover

Some people would rip me a new one for painting over this old girl but the color wasn't my favorite and my husband despised it even more! It was my great grandmother's and was originally just the marigold color but my dad added the red accents. It always reminded me of ketchup and mustard (which is great for corn dogs and hotdogs, but not my kitchen/dining room).

I don't do anything quickly... I usually browse Pinterest for weeks before I do anything (I love to see options)!!! Choosing a color was hard! I ultimately fell in love with a minty china cabinet I saw on Pinterest but didn't want to use milk paint (chippy= ketchup and mustard exposed). I browsed chalk paint brands for a color and came up with Vintage by DecoArt. They sell it at Walmart, Michael's, and Hobby Lobby I believe which was perfect! Chalk paint dries fast so I could work on it during nap time and after bedtime! 

And I absolutely LOVE the finished product! Thanks to my husband's gentle encouragement I painted the inside white with bullseye primer and then white trim/cabinet paint!
Its not perfect but its mine and done!!! 

I love how it looks with the reclaimed floors and the gray walls!